Amanda Cass

A creative care-free spirit living among the vineyards in Marlborough, New Zealand. A self-taught artist and amateur photographer, Amanda has slowly gravitated to the world of digital art and hasn’t looked back. A world of possibilities where imagination takes over and over flows with ideas.

Amanda sees her assignment in this world is to help spread love with the help from her series of quirky care-free girls inspired by Love, Life and Freedom.

Anna Blatman

Melbourne born professional artist since 1993, Anna’s unique style, love of colour and flowers are hung on walls around the world. Hans Christian Anderson once said “Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower”.

Flowers trigger happy emotions and feelings of life satisfaction. “I’m always trying to get inspiration and I believe most of my inspiration comes from my garden, full of vivid flowers and textures”.

Georgia Chapman

Leading Australian fashion and textile designer Georgia Chapman bases her design model on researching traditional motifs and patterns, drawing on historical and cultural sources, reinterpreting them and then combining the imagery, colours and textures to creating a new hand printed fabric for her bespoke collections.

Creating ranges with timeless simplicity, function and beauty for the modern world, with a passion for design, craftsmanship and the handmade.


Retro, retro, retro – what is old is forever new! Iconic imagery from yesteryear is again super cool. Vladimir Tretchikoff’s a 20th century internationally acclaimed artist had a strong passion to bring art to the people. his infamous ‘Miss Wong’ became an iconic image amongst the many beautiful and exotic women he painted.

Tretchikoff’s spirit was always best described by his quote: “Express your passion. Do what you love. No matter what”.

Claudia Tremblay

A self-taught artist. Claudia began her career by painting Mayan women while living in Guatemala for over 13 years. The beauty, serenity, colors, and sense of mystery that pervades Guatemala have set the tone for hundreds of paintings. her illustrations are created with the desire to evoke a sense of peace, harmony, and a certain melancholy.

Fascinated by nature and children, Claudia imbues scenes of everyday life with a dream-like quality she hopes pays tribute to life’s daily miracles.


FinDAC has de ned and perfected an atypical paint/stencil style that ignores the accepted visual language of street art almost completely, his ‘Urban Aesthetics’ is a modern-day take on a 19th century art movement.

A self-taught and non-conformist artist, his realist work and skilled stencilling dedicated to putting his work on the streets which is now all over the world from Bogota to Berlin.

Jacqui Baxter

Textile designer and botanical artist, Jacqui Baxter loves colour, beautiful surface pattern and intrigued by the natural world around us that offers so much inspiration.

Having grown up and studied in South Africa, travel has led her to Melbourne, where she has lived and worked for many years designing in all aspects particularly within the textile industry.